John Vuong: Elevate Your SEO Strategies

John Vuong is a seasoned sales professional and Internet marketer with an exceptional track record helping companies grow their clientele and profits. Through 15 years of experience working with CEOs, business owners, and marketing leaders at some of Canada’s most successful corporations, John developed a deep understanding of local marketing dynamics and consumer behaviour. John’s entrepreneurial spirit and experience working with more than 5,000 local business owners inspired him to start his own company, Local SEO Search, in 2013.

During the show we discuss:
✔︎ What SEO is
✔︎ The benefits of SEO
✔︎ How SEO boosts your marketing
✔︎ The common SEO myths
✔︎ The SEO Strategies You Shouldn’t Ignore
✔︎ The SEO essentials?
✔︎ The best tools to use for SEO
✔︎ Some SEO techniques that can guarantee leads
✔︎ The basic SEO factors that will get you ranked on Google
✔︎ The best ever strategies to rank and earn in YouTube
✔︎ The different ways to optimize your website
✔︎ How to elevate SEO strategies

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