Turning Your Niche Advertising Into A Sales Pipeline

The business to business (B2B) world of advertising can be difficult to navigate. Your typical B2B or industrial buyer isn’t scrolling through the internet in the same way that the average consumer is. But there are some methods of advertising that have proven to be highly successful for B2B companies; one of those being advertising in niche publications. 

Niche publications don’t focus on the mass market – but rather target a highly specific audience, such as industrial automation or manufacturing products. This offers you the ability to reach your target market without hitting a ton of unqualified or unrelated readers. 

There are a few steps to turning your niche advertising into a sales pipeline; knowing your audience, choosing a publication, developing your advertisement, and tracking your campaign. 

Let’s Take A Minute To Consider How You Know Who To Target!

One of the best ways to identify your target market is to use buyer personas. A buyer persona is a fictional character you make up that represents the buyer of your products or services. Some aspects of your persona include job titles, company size, pain points, and even personal demographics. Get into as much detail as you can – and don’t forget to give your persona a name! It might seem sill

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